Our inspections are done with reference to the CAHPI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.
View the code of ethics and these standards at
Our Inspections are done in a safe manner ensuring no damage will occur to the property being inspected.


The Inspector will greet you upon arrival, provide a general overview and give you an opportunity to ask any questions, before the inspection starts.
The Inspector will start on the outside of the house working from top to bottom
The Inspector will examine the roofing, chimneys, eaves trough, windows, doors, decks, siding, garage, foundation and siding.
The inspection will continue inside the property
The Inspector will examine the basement, the furnace and electrical panel.
The Inspector will continue up through the house checking lights, doors, windows, plumbing etc.
The Inspector will inspect every room, nook and cranny. The inspection will conclude in the attic confirming the amount of insulation and checking for evidence of rodents.


Our inspections do not include checking under carpets, behind walls or above ceilings unless access is available. We do not move furniture.
Our Inspections do not include testing fire alarms or security systems. We wouldn’t want the inspection to be interrupted by the police or fire department or have sprinkler systems going off and causing damage to the property.


An inspection is a “snapshot in time” as such we do not offer any warranties. Major issues such as leaky roofs or basements may not be evident unless certain weather conditions exist such as rain, snow, high winds or specific wind direction. Unless the issue is occurring during the inspection we may not be aware of the problem. Our Home Inspector is fully certified and carries Errors and Omission Insurance.


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